Simply Spring: Easy and Inexpensive Interior Design Tips for Decorating Your Dining Room Table

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Spring is the perfect season for fresh beginnings and the dining room table is a good place to start. If your dining room has been neglected and needs an update, the spring season is filled with plenty of inspiration to get you started. From fresh flowers to cheerful pastels, you are sure to find plenty of interior design ideas to use for your dining room table makeover.

Table talk

When it comes to dining rooms, the table is usually the main furniture piece in the room and will be the focal point for your spring dining room transformation. If your table is in good shape structurally but has some scratches and chips in the finish, you do not need to replace it to achieve a lovely outcome. Your tabletop is where the magic happens and is the canvas for a fresh spring scene.

Choosing a tablecloth

Select a patterned tablecloth in a cotton or linen fabric to lay the foundation for your spring tabletop scene and to cover up any blemishes or stains on an older table. Good choices for a tablecloth include petite floral prints, checkered patterns or bold flower designs. Starting with a colourful foundation will give you plenty of ideas for accenting your table.

Keep placemats simple

Paper placemats will look simple yet elegant when used in combination with a colourful tablecloth. Look for lacy designs in white or off-white to create a nice neutral balance. Choose placemats in a round shape if your dinnerware is round or rectangle if your dinnerware is square, which will help create eye appeal.

Mix and match dinnerware

Layer dinnerware for a fresh and fun look for your springtime table. For instance, use melamine plates in a solid colour to match one of the colours in the tablecloth. Top the melamine plates with crisp white ceramic plates to create a refreshing contrast to the coloured plates.

Add fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are used lavishly in interior design for both the spring and summer seasons. Add a fresh bouquet to your table to create the perfect finishing touch to your tabletop scene. Use a clear vase to create a nice contrast to the floral tablecloth and solid-coloured dinnerware.

Decorating your dining room table for spring is easy when you look to nature for inspiration. You can create the feel of a cottage garden or spring meadow with a few accent pieces and a nature-inspired colour pattern. The fresh florals and pastel colours of spring decorating also make it easy to transition into the summer season ahead with a dining room that is ready for entertaining.  

For more information, look into home interior design services in your area.

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